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Project Reviews

We undertake reviews of projects across Africa. Drop us a line at and tell us about your project. Tell us how it benefits the economy and environment. Tell us how sustainable it and what technologies are being used. Most importantly tell us what problem in Africa your project addresses.

Classmates in Library


Our members have access to discussion forums on jobs, politics, climate change and other key topics in Africa. Most importantly they can create their own forums in line with our policies.

Young Businesswoman


Changemakers are individuals in Africa that contribute towards growing the economy, improving the environment and promoting social initiatives. We write about these people to promote what they do and encourage others to do similar things. If you have any changemakers you want us to consider writing about contact us below.

Working from Home


We blog and write articles about key topics and issues concerning Africa. Our user find this informative and also contribute by commenting on our blogs. Its another way to get the African community talking. If you want to write a guest blog with us contact us at

Body Lotion


We place adverts across our websites to market client products and services. This is our key source of revenue and how we keep this online community running. If want to place adverts with us please contact us below or drop us an email at


Polls and Surveys

We commission polls and surveys on different topics ranging from the economy to politics, the environment and sports. If you want to commission a paid poll or survey with us please contact us at


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